The growing call

Daniel and I have both wanted to adopt since before we were married. It comes from the joy of knowing we’ve been adopted into God’s family, and the welcome abundance of love God has for all who’ll accept it (John 3:16). At first we both felt like it was probably something we wanted to do someday, since there’s always a need and we’re supposed to be the hands and feet of Jesus on Earth. Then we couldn’t stop popping out biological babies (well, not as easy as that sounds). We wondered for a while how and when it would work out financially and practically, but felt God confirming it was a calling for our family to adopt. A few families from church adopted through the foster care system, so we looked into that and THERE IS NO FEE. WHAT?? If we hadn’t felt God solidifying it as a calling, we could’ve given up thinking we’ll never be able to afford it!

Caleb almost 3 years old, Olivia almost 2, Zeke almost 1 day old


In Massachusetts, we had a social worker come to start the process and she apologetically told us that as much as she liked Pitbulls, the state would not let children in their custody into a home with one! That was heartbreaking for a few reasons. 1) How were we going to adopt now? Our Pitbull is part of our family. Why was this happening? 2) There are children who could be given loving, safe homes with dogs who are so faithful and loving and make great comfort animals. But they’re missing out because of judgment against the whole breed.

Rant on Pitbills

Padme (our Pitbull) thinks she’s a kitten! She is very sweet, gentle and smart. Chewie is part Chihuahua; he is the one who’ll get jerky now and then. There we were, thinking how can God tell us to adopt, and let us get a dog we all love that is the “wrong” breed in someone else’s eyes causing us not to be able to proceed?

God’s sovereignty

Little did we know, we were about to get a surprise that would cause us to decide to move to Missouri. This still amazes me. In MO there is no rule against taking children in with a Pitbull, we can afford a better house here, and we wouldn’t have been finished with the adoption process when we moved. Although that was a very hard and abrupt surprise, we are happy here where we landed out of that tornado of a year. The whole time we knew we were still in God’s hands. I kept picturing myself on a big strong rock in a storm on the sea, just clinging to it, it representing God. This picture was very comforting to me, since it was stable and I just needed to hold on.

Picture me up there hugging the rock.

Honey, it’s time!

After we got settled in MO, we both started to feel like it was time to try again with the process. I even had a dream I was pregnant, said “it’s time”, walked into an office and sat at a desk to pop out someone while sitting there. We googled who to call about foster care in our county, and they set up an appointment for a social worker to come over. She was very nice and helpful. She helped us do all the training and requirements, and got us lisenced!

Where we are now

We’ve been receiving info about kids when there’s one that might fit our family. We had a call to talk about one in more detail, but we didn’t feel like it would be a good fit. We have control of who comes into our home, and the power to say if it’s not working out. We know we already have a lot of living beings in this home between the kids and pets, but all of us have a lot of love to go around.

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