I’m kind of obsessed with special needs/ special ed. One of my children went through a big evaluation when he was 3 to see if he was on the Autism spectrum. He was not diagnosed, and grew out of the concerning behaviors. Zeke has sensory processing issues and anxiety. We all have AD(H)D except possibly Olivia (not convinced LOL). I have always loved people on the Autism Spectrum. I remember wishing when Caleb was little that I could work with the special needs class. Now I’m a Special Ed Paraprofessional at an elementary school.

Now that I’ve gotten to know people with other diagnoses as well, I love working with them all, celebrating their victories with them, and getting to be a part of keeping them integrated with their peers. I’m trying to decide whether to go on to become an Applied Behavior Analyst or Special Ed teacher or something similar.

I get to help a few non-verbal kids go to their homeroom to be with their classmates, who just love playing with them at recess, and learning how they communicate .

Sunshine starts with M.

Now I just have to tell you about my other sunshine, our neighbor and friend M. She is so full of love and life. She adores Olivia. They’re the same age. They play games and role play. When Olivia’s molar came out, it was pretty bloody. It made Olivia feel gross, so M tried to put her to bed. She shut off the light and told her to lay down, then stayed by her side.

M and our animals love each other, too.
M’s super joyful reaction to me finding the movie she wanted, which was Ninjago. (Yes, my daughter has a purple chunk. It was her idea. I love it. I used the same thing I use in mine, pigmented conditioner. )
Look at M when she saw me taking a picture:
This was her awesome reaction to me taking a picture of them sitting there!

Today, she made me smile or laugh many times with her Contagious joy, telling me to smell her and Olivia’s feet, taking Olivia’s socks off and throwing them accross the room (because that’s her trying to make Olivia comfortable!), and her love for us. I love what this shirt says:

Image from Facebook

Thanks for seeing the good in me, M!  

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